Ensuring Safety…with innovations

Our Story

Founded in 2014 in Mumbai, Maharastra set its foot as an electrical Power quality Audit & Thermography Company. Over the years, the company has earned a reputation for excellence and has Extended itself from electrical services to Energy saving and to human Safety range of
Products. We also represents some big brands products in India for safe & healthy living of people & well being of the society. We have extended our sales and service operations across PAN India.
As an electrical solution specialist, we offer electrical power Quality Audit & Thermography to Protect clients from Unexpected Power failure, Protect client from human & Power Dangers, protect Clients from Business Loss & Interruption. The company also offers control products such as variable frequency drive, soft starters, UPS, AVR, batteries, motors and even lighting fixtures.
Our team is composed of technically skilled and highly dedicated personnel working cohesively to promote value-added solutions with a competitive pricing structure to suit ones need.
We also engage in safety product range from flooring to employee safety and energy saving solutions. Our commitment is to deliver outstanding results that will exceed the expectations.
The company partners with some of the biggest manufacturers in the industry such as Hydromx, Spraying systems India Pvt Ltd USA, Eureka Fobes, Oxon Technology UK to ensure delivery of high-quality products. Moreover, we continuously look for new products and
enhance our services to serve our customers better.
We look forward to providing our services and products to your company. Rest assured
that we live by our service commitment: Delivering Results, Exceeding Expectations.


Samarth Enterprises is committed to providing the highest quality products and
services exceeding our client’s expectations. We shall continue to expand in
equipment and facilities, and engage in training and certification programs to
further serve customers with utmost excellence and professionalism.
As we carry out our mission, we shall be guided by values of integrity, reliability,
commitment, and collaboration.
Our commitment to service is to: Ensuring Safety…with innvoations

 Electrical Power Audit  Thermography
 Harmonic Analysis  Safety Audit
 Office Automation

Our Customer

• As a dependable and reliable
Service partner in identifying the
faults in electrical power
• Create a safe & Healthy living for
customer by Offering innovative , latest
technology products for the well being
of the society
•satisfies customers with easy and
hassle-free transactions

Our Employee

As an employer who values the
dedication and commitment of its
• As an innovative and
technologically upfront company that
ensures employee competence and
• As an employer who guarantees a
safe working environment
• As an employer who engages in
training and certification programs to
help employees progress in their
personal and professional growth

Products :-

Hydromx USA– Energy Saving for Chillers & Hot water generators

Pathonsons USA – In-house generation of Sanitizer & Cleaner ( Green Product)

Oxon Technology UK – Anti slip Floor Treatment

Eureka Forbes – Forbes corona Guard & Industrial vacuum Cleaner


Electrical Power Audit & Thermography

Electrical Contracting